Good morning!

My picture for todays project is running a little late…….We got Chase & Brook to the airport and they arrived safely in Tennessee (thanks for all the well wishes).  This time is was much easier…. Dave went with me and made me leave before the plane taxied off.  I usually stand there and cry until I can’t see the plane any longer (I know…. I’m a cry baby). I didn’t have a chance to stamp yesterday….but I did set up my camera for the water bottle tutorial….it’s ready to go.  I’ll get busy on it first thing and get it posted….after that I’ll get to the emails that I haven’t  had a chance to read.  Forgive me, if you’re one that’s waiting on a response.  I’m having a hard time balancing my time and that’s one of my biggest goals for this year!!!

When the tutorial is ready I’ll repost and let you know.   Thanks for visiting my blog today!!!