Bind_it_all_post_it_wasabi Good afternoon!

Sorry I’m late today!!  You really don’t want to hear all the details …… I’ll make it short & sweet….developed major headache late yesterday and then woke up with a sore throat & a few computer problems.  (I’m actually using Chase’s computer to type these words.)

I made this project really fast…I’ll tell you how it got started. I got in a new shipment of coasters, boxes & owires (for the Bind it all).  Remember the Password Books I made?  I ran out of owires and went to every store I could think of looking for them….no one had them…so I ordered online and made sure I ordered enough for that to never happen again (I went from one extreme to the other…typical Angie). Here’s a picture of the inside.Bind_it_all_post_it_wasabi_open

Today will be my last post for a few days. We’re headed out for a little vacation & I probably won’t have access to email again until Monday. 

Hope you have a Fantastic July 4th weekend & please be safe!

p.s. I know I’m forgetting to tell you something and will probably remember it later. If I do, I’ll just come back and update this post.