Good morning!!

I’m very excited today but…..I"m going to be really busy…..we have several doctors appointments……why do I schedule them all at once?   Back to my excitement……Yesterday Stampin’ Up! announced a New Product Line called Decor Elements.  At first… the first 3 minutes…I was like "oh great…not my thing"….but here is the KEY word….they are removable….all of a sudden I wanted to jump for joy.  Don’t get me wrong…I love paper crafts and that will stay my main focus.  But, I have a picture to share with you and then I’ll add "the rest of the story".Sesame_street_vinyl_clings_4

See Chase’s walls?  Those are Vinyl Clings, they were removable & we changed them around many times.  His room was the coolest!!   Here’s some history for you…… We lived in 7 different places in 7 years.  That sure made me think twice about putting holes in the walls, painting & wallpaper.  Those clings traveled with us from house to house, until Chase out grew them.

June 19th update:  I may be a tad over excited.  I’ve been told by a few people that the Decor Elements are removable but not re-usable. Sorry I spoke too soon. In scrapbooking terms removable means you not only can remove it but also reuse it.  Sorry I’ve confused us all, the Decor Elements are removable only (see, I knew my brain worked differently :O )

I am sure that Stampin’ Up! will knock our socks off with their images!!  And they will probably match my new stamp room perfectly 🙂

Here’s a few details…

*You can use them on Walls, Tiles, Mirrors, Windows…etc.

*Phase One Includes 2 colors, Chocolate & White.

*100 images are being introduced today.

Here’s what I don’t know….When we can start taking orders. I’ll find that out and come back and update this post. 9am update….The first day to place orders is July 1st. As a demonstrator we get to pre-order them today, as well as the Brochures….that means very soon…I’ll share some photos with you all.

Have a great day…..See ya tomorrow!

p.s. isn’t that the cutest picture of Chase & Brook? Back then I could dress them alike and they didn’t fuss…can you imagine if I tried that now at 14 & 15?

June 19th Update….I’m so confused….please ignore everything I’ve said in this post until we get more info from Stampin’ Up!