Darlenes_gift Good morning!

Sorry I’m late today!   I spent most of my day & night filling Chic StandTM orders. I am so excited & overwhelmed at the same time.  Just when I needed a lift the most…it happened 🙂  This is what I found in my mail box yesterday.  Amazing isn’t it? My day started out crumby and it just got better & better 🙂

Thanks Darlene, I love everything!!!!

I also have to thank Donna for coming over last night & helping me with the orders….thanks a million & I’m not sure how I could have done it without you 🙂  IOU

Make sure you check in tomorrow….I’ve gone from behind to ahead….& tomorrows post will be a new item I’m selling.

Thanks for stopping by & your patience with me  …you are the BEST!

p.s. If you’d like to order a Chic StandTM, click here.

6pm update….If you’d like to help save Moonlight, call 818-655-1779 & all you need to do is provide your location and age and they’ll consider saving Moonlight.  thanks!!!