I’m back for a 2nd time today 🙂  Here’s a picture of all the projects that we made yesterday.

May_2008_club_projects The first project was the Altoid Tin and because the Stampin’ Up! Designer paper is two sided they were able to choose the side they wanted.  The 2nd project was the Pocket card holder.  Half of them made the Groovy Guava & the other half made the Soft Sky.  Next is the 3 x 3 Monograms cards with envelopes.  And the final project is the Mini Clipboard. There’s two in the picture…one with a sticky note & one without.

May_club_mini_clipboard I’m a person that uses sticky notes all day long!!  in fact they are everywhere and because I have so many, they’re kinda getting lost in the shuffle….so my quick fix….I attached this little clipboard to my purse yesterday.  I had several errands to run before club…..but those two on my clipboard were the most important…then after that whatever else I could get done….. was a bonus (that means large Route 44 drink at Sonic – that held me all day long).

For those of you that have looked for these clipboards and couldn’t find them, not to worry, I have a solution I’m working on & should finish it soon.

See ya!

p.s. here’s a little story for you…..I got a new Centro Cell phone with Sprint and I love it!!! I’ve used a Palm Pilot for years…in fact I could not live without it….anyway back to my story.  Since the phone is new, I haven’t learned all the bells & whistles…so yesterday right about the time I started to explain the club projects we all heard a noise and it stopped me right in my tracks. I was like someone just got a text message or something.  we all looked around….everyone could account for their phone…but me…so I got up, went to my phone and sure enough it was me and what did it say….Stampers Club at 11:30.  Oh My Gosh,  how cool was that?  But the sound was so foreign to me… next time I’ll be prepared 🙂  I love all this new technology!