Good morning & Happy Friday!

May is National Scrapbook Month…& I decided to start a “Album of Favorites.  For a few years now I’ve watched how popular “Albums about me” are….but….I’m just not ready to do one of those.  So…. I came up with My Favorites.  Good idea isn’t it?  I love my little Journal box, you’ll have to click on the picture to view it larger.

I’m working on a few pages now…one is “My Favorite Pet” and “My Favorite Picture of Sissy & Fluffy”  (our two Bichons) and My Favorite picture of Dave (my hubby).  These pages are not the most creative…. but I love how cute & fun they’re turning out. (I might even do a page about my Favorite TV show – Moonlight or should I do My Favorite Movie Star?) 

This page is “My Favorite Family Photo” & I love this picture…or maybe it was the whole experience that I love.  Most of our family vacations have been to visit family since we live so far from both of our families….but that year we went to Clearwater, Florida and it was the BEST.  Every meal we had was great and it went so well we had to go back the next year….I just might have to do a page on our Favorite Photo from Universal Studios. 

If you’d like to learn how to make one of the Brag Books I showed a few days ago, click here to head over to my Stampin Academy to watch my video tutorial.

Have a Fantastic Weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

p.s. Moonlight Fans…..tonight and next Friday are the last two shows….if you want the show to get a Season two…you must watch it 🙂  how’s that for promoting it?  Seriously 🙂