Mothers_day_card_2 Good morning!

Today’s card is a warm up card…..I kinda lost my mojo… so, I made this card to get back into the swing of things.  I’ll show you what I came up with tomorrow…..meanwhile….check out all my lovely gifts that some friends gave me.

Fishing_creels_2  Can you  believe how cute these fishing creels are?  Gigi sent them to me and you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box.  I can’t wait to show them to Dave.  Thanks Gigi, I really appreciate it!!!Dawns_address_book_2

Update:  Several people have ask how to make the fishing creels… ya go….She used my Nugget Purse template and just changed it up a little 🙂

What about this darling book?  Isn’t it just beautiful?  Dawn E. sent this to me and I think I hugged it when I opened it.  Thanks girlfriend! You didn’t have to send me anything…but I’m sure glad you did :)))

Sallys_pun_fun_2 This Pun Fun card by Sally is so cute!  Thanks Sally… know that’s one of my favorite stamp sets! (the envelope was darling too). 

From_sandra The next two pictures are some goodies from my friend Sandra…..see those chocolates…I ate them all ….within about 5 minutes (they are my favorite candy…next to candy cigarettes….speaking of that…hint hint Shelly..I need more, can you set me up 🙂  Hip_chick

Aren’t these goodies darling?  Thanks Sandra!  You know I love them!!  By the way, the bucket is holding all my pending Chic StandTM orders 🙂  It’s perfect!!

Have a great day….see ya tomorrow!