Oh my gosh……I’ve been having a terrible morning & cried ever since I woke up.  A couple things happened and it all happened at once.  One of my neighbors from my old neighborhood passed away on Friday and the rosary service was last night. It was difficult being there because she was only 40 years old with a dear husband and two young girls.  I had not seen her in many years but regardless, it breaks my heart.

The next reason will make you think I’ve lost it……My most favorite show Moonlight was canceled yesterday 🙁  I know that sounds so crazy to be so upset.  But, I am a romantic at heart, always have been, always will be.  I’m the person that also watched Titanic like 4 times at the theater.  Can you relate?  I’m a sap…my kids say I cry at Barney (I don’t….but I could if it had a sad moment).

Sorry for my personal post today….I try every hard to post only business stuff!!

Now for the good news…..just when I think I’m going to cry all day, not answer the phone and leave the blinds closed, so it will look like I’m not home……..A miracle happens (God answered my prayers)…….MY CHIC STANDSTM JUST ARRIVED 🙂  I’m going to take a picture and post it in a few minutes 🙂