Good morning!

This is not what I planned to show you…… but lets have some fun!  Yesterday I made these cards for all the girls and guys that joined my group during Sale-a-bration (keep in mind that my group is five levels down).

  So, while I’m waiting for my video to load……why don’t you take a guess at how many joined my group and whoever gets it right, I’ll send a card to you too!!  That’s okay if more than one gets it right, I made a few extra.  This picture has the exact amount of cards that joined, but you can’t really see them all… can you? 

Also, I’ve had a few people remind me that I never showed my new file cabinet… here ya go… My_new_file_cabinet it’s a beauty isn’t it?  I could have hugged it when I found it….maybe I did :)))  It’s a four drawer cabinet and I filled it up fast!

As soon as I get my goodies photographed and the video loaded I’ll be back later today.  (For some reason, when ever it’s really windy here in Kansas my internet acts up…what is with that?)

See ya later……………

9:30am Update……Contest has ended…congrats to everyone that guessed 12!!