Hello Stampers!

Today I’m making some changes….and for putting up with me, I’m giving a little goodie away. I’m adding a new blog…..I know, how can I manage another?  Read on and I promise it will all make sense!!!

Here’s the details…………………. Stampin’ Academy Chic n Scratch Liveis my new blog…… where I’ll put all my educational information.  I’m going to explain this as best I can.  Now that I’m doing Video Tutorials, its slowing my blog down and for those dear customers of mine that still  have dial up, they are not able to pull up my blog…..the content is too large…does that make sense?  In creating a new site, it will allow everyone to view my blog and if they want to see the Tutorials they can head over there.  I will always post the photo here on Chic n’ Scratch and include a link to the Tutorial.  Let’s hope this works!!  To the girls that have emailed me about my blog not loading…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!  You motivated me to fix what wasn’t working!!  As usual, I’m sure we’ll run into a snag or two…..but just know I’m trying to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s …. hee hee

Now to the reward…..head on over to my Stampin’ Academy Chic n Scratch Live! and see what’s in store for you….okay I know I said I’d show you the picture over here first :)))) here ya go my Faux Tile Card & the darling Nugget Purse.

Faux_tile Nugget_purse_tutorial_2

p.s. This new blog is not one you’ll need to check every day….I will always post a link over here when I add something new!!  I want to make this super easy for everyone!

Have a Fantastic Day!!