Good morning!!

By request, here’s the instructions on how to complete the Valentine Nerds in a Video Tutorial!  (p.s. I love the request… so, keep it up!!)  When you’re done with the tutorial, make sure you read my Side Notes (you might be rewarded).Nerds_happy_heart_3  Video also shows you how to use the Gamsol/Mineral Spirits with the Prismacolor Pencils.

Side Notes…….. I know, towards the end I kinda messed up, but I’m a stamper, not a movie maker..hee hee.   It’s hard getting the camera at the right angle…. and I think my image might be a little blurry. I normally film my tutorials on my vanity in my bathroom…BUT, thanks to our frozen pipes today, my vanity as well as my counter tops are loaded up.  Good News, the little heater unfroze them after about 8 hours…now we just gotta pray they don’t refreeze!!

Here’s the info you’re looking for…..Everyone that posts a comment on this tutorial will be entered to win one of these boxes (minus the Nerds, that way it will fit in an envelope 🙂  I will draw a name at noon on Saturday Jan. 5th!

Thanks for checking in!!

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