Calendar_class Good morning!!!

This is what I was working on yesterday…..a 12 month calendar using a CD case.  It’s turning out really cute!!  I searched my Stampin’ Up! catalogs, my shelves of  rubber stamps and even my retired stamps and found the perfect image to fit in the scallop punch…good idea, isn’t it?   

Here’s the details…

Calendar ClassJan. 17th, 7pm to 9pm. The fee is $15 and you’ll need to bring your own adhesive.  I need prepayment for this class, the supply list is lengthly!! I accept Paypal or you can mail me a check. Supplies are available for purchase $20 with FREE SHIPPING.

1/20/07 Update…..Calendars – Sold Out!

If you’d like to get a closer look, click on the picture and it will enlarge.

Have a great day & thanks for shopping by!

p.s. Our new Stampin’ Up! websites are up, but let me warn you, it has a few weird things going on, go take a peek…but if you see something out of whack, let me know.  Here’s the address

Extra details…would you like to know what else I was busy with yesterday.  My beloved computer…I’ve decided to talk more kindly towards it in hopes that it will return the favor.  I could not get an internet connetion and ended up getting a new router.  Let’s hope that solved the problem…I may end up having Time Warner set me up..non wireless (what is that called?).  See ya