82407_020                                                                                Here ya go…..the folding album tutorial!  But can I tell ya…today is not a Happy Friday…I broke my little toe last night and got a speeding ticket today (got my ticket in front of the 45mph sign for going 47 in a 35, never really thought I had to pass the sign before I could speed up….and yes I’ve cried for a few hours.

So, passing on this tutorial will cheer me up to help someone else have a good day!!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks again Stacy for giving me instructions!!!    Can you believe I’ve made this album before, it was just smaller.  Somedays I scare myself!! 

82407_002 82407_010

82407_011_2 82407_012

82407_013 82407_015

82407_017 Check back later for my September Card Kits!!