New_cards_004 I had to make a couple warm up cards….just couldn’t resist.  I know they’re not the most creative cards out there but I love making simple, cute cards!!

  I tried to get my hubby to go fishing tonight so I could keep on stamping…but he said he’s going tomorrow.  Darn it!!  Oh well, I still may stamp a few more.

Also wanted to thank all of you that leave comments.  They always brighten my day!!!!!  If you ever ask me a question and I don’t answer please ask again, I would never ignore you on purpose, sometimes I just forget things.  (Do you want to know about the day I called my sister and said "why haven’t you called me?  we haven’t talked in a week", she said "Angie, we talked yesterday"  Yikes, I just said "just you wait, after 40 the memory goes"). 

Hey Kim, I know you’re reading this after our long talk last night… ya!!

Here’s my middle sis…..Kim…….Dsc009651 If you’re ever in Belfast, Tennessee, south of Nashville, make sure you stop by her store, "Sisters Three".  It’s a cute little gift shop and a Cafe.  She also has the best chicken salad sandwiches and Fruit Tea (let’s not talk about the yummy desserts)!!!