Card_class_003 Here's the cards we made at my Card Class during my Open House.  I normally charge $15 for this class, they make a total of 6 cards with envys (two each of the three designs)…..but for my Open House I only charged $10 and then at the last minute I decided to offer half a class for $5.  Isn't that a great idea?

A big huge Thank you to everyone that stopped by, even my downline girls!!! 

Now to the cards, I just loved them and wanted to share with you where I got the ideas.  I was all stressed out last week because after I got my large order it took me hours to assemble them and then I had to get ready for my Open House…. that without a card class was a huge task, especially because I want everything to look perfect. 

So, what did I do? 

I talked to a friend and she helped me get my head on straight.  I told her what sets I had and why I bought them, for instance the friend wording, I had to have it as soon as I saw it!!! 

Okay, back to the story so then we started brain storming and I CASED everything you see!  Except I did some tweeking on all three.  The first card (Batty Flowers) was created by Jen and when I saw it on SCS I knew we had to make it, I just love it!!!! 

The 2nd card was created by Kendra ,isn't is so lovely?  When I saw it I also knew I had to make it ….she used Cameo Coral and I've only used that color once, so I used Blush Blossom another color I had used very little but I think I really it!!

And the 3rd card is almost like the card in the catalog, except I used Baroque Motif instead of the background, I also used Chocolate cardstock instead of the 5/8 Grosgrain ribbon. 

What am I doing this week?  Getting ready for next Open House and Card Class!!  Will I case or create (depends on how crazy my week gets, don't forget last week, my sister was really sick and I was considering heading to Tennessee and the freezer ordeal…I shouldn't remind myself…this week will be better!!!!)

  Question for the day……Do you have crazy luck like a Soap Opera or are you friends with someone that has that kind of luck? 

Thanks for stopping by!!!