Open_house_006 Quick post tonight….wanted to show you the cute little Love Notes that I used at my Open House!  I had to order this set on my very first order and I just love it!!  What’s the set ???  Fun & Fast Notes…see it goes with Love Notes!!   Here’s a little tidbit of info for you……………

I put the words on the sides but one other thing I did was …On the porcupine or hedgehodge, not sure what he is, anyway the wording was "thanks for sharing you with me" I cut off the "you" and now mine is "thanks for sharing with me"  that’s a phrase I can use a lot!!!!  (I kept the word "you" but put in on the other end with the label.)

Thanks Tisha for telling me to share that info, I forget that some people don’t think to cut off words they won’t use.  (tomorrow I’m going to post my goodies you brought me:)))

(okay, ignore my wording, you know I’ve had an Open House for two days and I’m really tired so if I didn’t spell anything right or said something goofy, forgive me!!)  Have a Super Sunday…… I hope I get to sleep in!!!