Wednesday_sharing_002 Okay, I know I’ve used this set alot but you know it won’t be available for much longer.   So, I decided to use it one more time!

I made this card today in honor of everyone’s kind words.  You all have posted such nice things all week, and without going into detail I needed it….So, thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!  I love reading them and have read them more than once!

Now after saying that I need a Favor (wink wink)……Seriously…..I need help with my daily posts.  I need a title that I can use everyday.  I read on someones blog that she has Monday Spotlight, Tuesday Spotlight…. and so on….I love that, but you know I need my own…..what do you think?  I tried Tuesday Sharing and now I think it sounds corny.   So, to tempt you to put on your thinking caps……whoever can come up with a name for my daily post….I’ll send you some goodies.  That idea just popped in my head….so I don’t have a picture yet…but give me some time.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!