Cards for the Troops    

          with Blog Candy 


Here are the details:

We are trying to collect as many cards as we can by May 1st so we can send them to Dawn’s hubby. 


Once he’s received the cards he can distribute them to everyone.

As for the Blog candy… have two ways to earn it.  The first is whoever sends the most cards to Dawn for her hubby (blank cards inside, so the troops can send these cards to their loved ones, envelopes are not required but appreciated) will win Blog Candy for the Troops #1.  The 2nd way to win is, we understand that not everyone can send a bunch of cards, but we know that you want to participate.  So, everyone that sends a card will have their name in a drawing for Blog Candy for the Troops #2. (One ticket for each package of cards.)  We will draw both names on May 1st.


 For all my locals friends, deliver the cards to me by April 25th so I can mail them to Dawn before May 1st. 

We understand that this may not be the perfect time for everyone, so if in the future you want to help we welcome Cards for the Troops anytime!!