Most of the time this site is used for my Stampin’ business, but today I’m posting my health.  Because they’re are so many details it’s easier to post them and then let my family & friends ask questions. If you don’t know me, ya might just want to pass over all this stuff and look at the next posting below, it’s a keeper! 

Today was my bladder study (wish someone would have told me how painful that was going to be, I’ll try to not think about that anymore). I’m a little scared about the surgery but more concerned about the lack of food I can eat the day before. (I know some of you can relate.) I’m going to be sick, just from starvation (the lady laughed at me when I said that, but truly, after my C-section I told my doctor that I would feel better with just a cracker, instead he gave me ice) maybe I’ll pack some in my bag.  So, here’s the deal, again if you’re a stranger, may be too much info :)  I’m having 4 or five procedures.  It’s kinda complicated (just like everything else).  1.  My uterus has some Fibroids and so I’m having a Hysteroscopy to remove them. 2. I’m having a D & C to remove the stuff they clean out of the uterus.  3. If all looks good with the uterus then I’ll have the Ablation.  4. My right Fallopian tube is twisted or something is wrong with it, (I was so thankful when she said the right side…. that was where I was having most of my pain and I told her I was glad it wasn’t my imagination)  so they are doing Laparoscopy to check it out, huge possibility they will have to take the  Fallopian tube & ovary but we won’t know until they run the scope in there.  5. My bladder, after my final test, my bladder does need a procedure called TVT, it’s a ribbon like mesh that will support the urethra. Hopefully, no more leaking when I laugh, sneeze or cough!!   Good news is I shouldn’t need a complete hysterectomy but won’t know what they’re taking out until I wake up.  Isn’t that a lot of info???   See ya! 

P.s. I’ll try to post a picture of something tomorrow so this won’t be at the top!!!!